Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Luck

I know I'm not as prolific here.

But I'm doing something. Something I only do when I have nothing else I could possibly do.


Go figure.

Not that I want to jinx it yet. Its quite small and embryonic... but it is writing nonetheless. Might not be carried to full term - but its definately there. You can see it on the ultrasound...

My greatest enemies in the way of neglecting my new child?

Radiohead's new CD.
Why is it that this band is always insanely interesting? Even when they put out stuff that I don't listen to as much - I constantly find myself returning time and again to their albums - and they all stand up. Different moods, different sounds... but the new one. Wow. I can't stop. Its beautiful. Transcendant. Makes you wanna open the curtains and smile at the sun. Or the grey. How many times can you say that about a Radiohead CD... Competes for me with Kanye as one the years best.

Prison Break
I didn't watch the show before. Most in the States sort of blew it off as a second rate 24... but now that 24 is the new second rate 24... I decided to give the show a shot. Its so big here in China that they actually shot their own version of it. Even though I think it lacks in a lot of logic and the writing is just not that great... its still quite addictive. The pleasure of a TV show for me is that its like coming home to an old friend. There are a lot of episodes and the story keeps going and you can feel like you're catching up. Even if it is in a prison and people are trying to rape you. Anally... Wait... maybe its just cause it reminds me of work...

Elmore Leonard and F Paul Wilson
Finished up Riding the Rap and City Primevil by Leonard. Man that guy can write. Twisty. Stories just branch and characters that you love. No wonder Tarrantino loves the guy - he owes him a huge debt. Anyone wanting to make great characters who talk well can stand to go to the school of Leonard. I feel like a boy in short pants with his ear to the wall trying to steal scraps from the masters table. Wilson writes a different type of story - but one I like equally as well. Word is they are finally making a film of his best character- Repairman Jack. Just finished up Harbingers and Legacies and now breaking into Hosts.

My "buddy" Shawn sucked me in. Why? This is a nasty cult and a great way to actually blame your friends for wasting your time. While its nice to share one lines with people you haven't seen if forever - its also a black hole of time. But you do get to play the sweet old lady... look at this picture of my kids....


No more blogging. Back to doing what I should be doing.




Blogger japhy99 said...

Man I gotta get that new Radiohead -- everyone's raving...

Haven't dared Facebook yet. Might not survive yet another distraction. Hard enough to find the time as is.

Might Most Wanted Enemy #5 be a certain script by a certain hack writer?

11:08 AM

Blogger japhy99 said...

Okay, now I feel guilty for trying to make you feel guilty...

2:00 PM


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