Friday, September 14, 2007

Game Time

Can you pick a winner?

I always grab a handful of reading material to take with me to China.

First - there's the 13 hour flight. Plus the 5-6 hours sitting in the airport for each trip. Then there's the three weeks alone...


Back to the game.

This trip I grabbed a couple magazines - and decided it would be fun to put up a little quiz.

Two of the magazines I brought:

Wired - a technology mag - focusing on the future and trends
Cover Story: Halo 3

XXL - a magazine about Rap culture.
Cover Story: Kanye West

Both are part of my strange life. Are they yours?

Today's game is:

Guess which Letter to the editor came from what magazine. Got it?

Here we go:

(all these are parts of actual letters. No editorializing needed.)

"You've probably already been yelled at by the fanboys with regard to your reference to Optimus Prime's deah. He in fact did not die in the 1986 movie. He was later found in space and returned during the third season of the show. Megatron, however, never returned after the movie - not as Megatron anyway; he was rebuilt as Galvatron."

"...What he needs to do is shut the f*** up and give Buck his mother******* respect and realize that he's the coldest on that whole bull**** label. I hope Buck reads that s*** and slaps the s*** outta that n****...."

"Check out the spine of the 15.07 issue. Upside down, it reads "LO.ST" where the font makes the 1 in 15.07 look like a T. Funny that one of your cover items was Google Maps. Coincidence? I think not!"

"I'm currently locked up in prison, and I got my (magazine name) last night. So when I hit the Eye Candy page with Brianna and I see the sista's body, I'm like, damn! Brianna's a** so thick and fine I wish me and her could get things poppin'."

"Nowhere in your review of walkie-talkies did you mention that higher-powered walkie-talkies require a license to use. If you want real range from a GMRS talkie, forget about all those toys you tested and buy an Icom F21GM."

"If a b**** or a hoe is down the street, you would think he would walk by and downgrade them in a rap, but yet he doesn't. The way he sees it is, just because they are there doesn't mean you have to f*** with them any worse than life is f*****' them over."

Extra Credit:

Match the letter writer's name to the magazine his letter came from:

Milton Lau
Lawrence E. Stoskopf
Bigz Lury
Haim Toeg
Cee-God Allah
Dat Dude
Tom Barlow

Good Luck kids!


Blogger lttlstone3 said...

oh gosh...i am laughing so hard...

11:36 AM

Blogger japhy99 said...

Wait a minute. I though *I* was Dat Dude!

9:50 AM


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