Saturday, October 06, 2007

Strange days...

It's Saturday.

Sunday already in China... :)

Was up all night. Went to the movies last night with Shawn. Saw 3:10 to Yuma. Loved it. Great performances all the way through. Really fun and good movie. The end is a little questionable to me - but otherwise, I liked it a lot.

Got back and immediately emailed the producer. Said that one actor from the film would be great in our film. We had previously talked about this kid - but were on the fence about him - but I got more and more excited about him and wanted to get him the script.

Stayed up most of the night. Watched the documentary "Dig!" which was pretty good.

Took the kids on a two hour bike ride today. First time the boy has ever been out on the big streets. He's on his new birthday bike. He did great... we have some big hills here and getting up them with one speed is tricky - but he did good. At one point he did, however, cut me off. I only have front brakes right now that work - and I went head over handlbars... flipped my chain off - and struggled to get it back on and catch up with them.

But it was nice. Almost dying in front of the kids...

Afterwards, I crashed. Hard. Woke up at dinner.

And my producer had already contacted the manager of the actor.
And the manager had already responded.
Not that he said yes. Far from it.

But he responded. And anyone who deals with Hollywood knows - that sometimes, just getting a response is the greatest feeling of all. Even if its no. At least you can keep going.

And in this case it wasn't no. Or if it was - it was just so freaking polite, I couldn't tell it was a no.

It was a... thanks so much for thinking of us. We went from 14 years of waiting for a break to getting 4 offers a day. We will read the script - but we have so much on the plate in front of us now - its hard to look at something that isn't fully financed - but will be happy read it and get back to you soon.


It's a nice "not right now..." and a reply on Saturday nonetheless...

How pitiful is it that I get excited about a "not right now?!?"


I've gotta write more. Starting now...


Blogger japhy99 said...

Dude, there's so much cynicism in this business it's freaking refreshing to hear people get excited.

I'd be excited, if it were my script.

Hell, I'm excited and it's your script.

Lemme know if you want me to fix those brakes for you...

5:29 PM


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